Welcome to Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt
Please scan the code below with Figayou to get started

If you don't already have Figayou please download it

Figayou Scavneget hunts are very easy to play!

Players need to find secret locations for which they get hints every time they answer a multiple choice question correctly.

If they don't answer correctly they can try again until they get it right. They will then get a clue but with a delay.

Players should head to the secret location as soon as they figure out the clue. Once they get there they will get a message with a question. They will need to answer it correclty in order to get a clue for the next location

And yes, they need to allow Figayou to access their location throught the app. The location is only used to determine if the player has arrived to the secret location.

Players who cannot figure out the location from the clue, or those who do not allow Figayou location access, or cannot get GPS, etc. will eventually get the secret location information and question to get a clue for more locations. With a delay of course.


How scav hunts work